Celebrating Louise's Inspiring Weight Loss Journey and A Day on Her Plate

Posted March 2024

Celebrating Louise's Inspiring Weight Loss Journey and A Day on Her Plate - The Collagen Co.

We're thrilled to spotlight one of our remarkable Glow Talk members, Louise, and share her incredible weight loss journey with Glow Shakes. With a thriving community of over 12,000 members in our private Facebook group, Glow Talk has become a haven where women unite to share their stories, victories, and the secrets of how they #shaketheweightenhanceyourglow.

After completing our 28-day Shake and Glow Challenge, Louise noticed significant transformations in her body and mindset. Starting at 74.8kg, she diligently followed the program and saw remarkable results—today, she proudly stands at 70kgs exactly, having lost 4.8kgs in just four weeks.

As she continues her journey, Louise remains committed to making healthy choices and incorporating Glow Shakes into her daily routine. With determination and the support of Glow Talk, she's confident in her ability to maintain her progress and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Louise’s Typical Day on a Plate

9am- Chocolate Glow Shakes with a small spoonful of peanut butter and strawberries.

12pm- Vanilla Glow shakes

3pm - Greek yoghurt and Fruit

6pm- Healthy, pumpkin macaroni and cheese. Added zucchini and spinach leaves for extra vegetables.

8pm- Low-calorie skinny cow caramel and vanilla ice cream. Delicious Night treat.

Louise's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of Glow Shakes and the strength of community support. We're immensely proud of her accomplishments and look forward to witnessing her continued success.

Let's embark on a journey of transformation together. Here's to shaking the weight and enhancing the glow! 🌟

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