Shake & Glow

Ready to witness a body
transformation in just 28 days?

Start Date: 20 May | Finish Date: 17th June

The 28 Day #ShakeAndGlowChallenge is designed to kick-start your weight loss journey and help you slim down without a complicated diet plan and with the support of hundreds of like minded women on the same journey to the glow.

Start your 28-day journey now

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Get ready to shake things up
with Glow Shakes!

Indulge in the ultimate Premium Collagen Meal Replacement shake that everyone has been raving about since its launch! It’s designed to help you manage your weight and enhance your beauty. What makes it even better? It’s mouthwatering, creamy and delicious like your favourite ice cream milkshake.

Real Women, Real Results

Amy W.

I have lost a total of 15kgs!
Now down two dress sizes.

I have started to buy new clothes in smaller sizes and it has been the best feeling ever.
Thanks to the added collagen, My skin has never been clearer & I’ve noticed my postpartum hair loss is now decreasing when washing my hair!

Hayley C.

I lost 3.4kgs in 28 days which I am absolutely thrilled about!

Not only am I super proud of myself for completing this challenge but also for doing something for ME!
For me, it wasn’t solely about weight loss... It was about an overall transformation!

Munirih C.

I noticed a significant boost in my energy levels that I hadn't experienced in a while!

My hair, nails and skin had a glow that I have been missing since giving birth. The best part of all, I noticed a HUGE decrease in bloating. I lost 5.7kg in total! Roughly 7cm off my waistline and 3cm off my arms.

Joanne H.

I have lost over 7kg and 10cm off my waist!

My clothes fit better and I’m not bloated like I used to be! I love the shakes so much.. I have just ordered more! I’m not finished on this journey just yet!!

Why join the challenge?

  1. Easy and simple

    Say goodbye to complicated diet plans and hello to simplicity and real results.Simply replace up to 2 meals per day with our delicious Glow Shakes, while maintaining a nutritious balanced diet and regular exercise.

  2. It’s effective

    It's a straightforward and effective approach to slimming down and achieving your goals. Remarkable transformations like Caitlin, Bonnie, Sharna, who embarked on this journey in June, have achieved astounding weight loss results.The results speak for themselves!

What makes Glow Shakes different?

Low Calories and Low sugar with 
24 Vitamins and Minerals for a 
nutrient-filled meal.

29g of Protein per serve and includes 17.5g of collagen to promote hydrated skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails.

Keeps you feeling fuller for longer while also increasing energy and focus throughout the day.

Real Women Real Results

Challengers will try to obtain the best physical transformation in 28 days by:

  1. Introducing Glow Shakes, a premium collagen meal replacement shake into their diet (replace up to 2 meals a day)

    Buy 28-day Bundle
  2. Joining a supportive community of like-minded women; all on the same journey to lose weight and feel amazing!

    Join Glow Talk

6 winners will be chosen and awarded the following prizes!

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Power Couple


The Motivator

$250 TCC Gift Card

The Mover & Shaker

$250 TCC Gift Card

1st, 2nd and 3rd places for best physical transformation.

The Power Couples award for best couples physical transformation.

The Motivator motivates and creates the most engaging conversations. The Mover & Shaker consistently shares photos and videos of their journey